Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ticket Drops Service guide for Ticket Brokers

When you encounter "No Available Tickets Online" error on or, actually you still have the chance to buy tickets for that event. How? People who bought tickets for that event may refund their tickets, or if the tickets held by the event organizer doesn't completely sell out these tickets become buy-able. Therefore, there may be available tickets for that event after some time. These tickets are called "dropped tickets". Since the drop times are unknown, our service will help you for detecting these ticket drops

When the drops occur, you receive alerts by means of e-mail and text messages. After you receive a drop alert, you can try buying tickets for that event. You can follow more than 100 events at the same time.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ticket Drop Checker for Ticketmaster and Livenation or is known to be the biggest ticket selling website that allows people to buy and sell tickets online. Whether it would be a sports event or any other major event, you can find all the tickets you want over this ticket selling platform.
Sometimes it happens that the tickets of any show or any other major event becomes sold out before you even know, however the fact is, there are still “some” tickets left for the show that are put on sale later on or simply to say they are dropped down from time to time by the key seller. Such tickets are known as drop tickets and in order to get such type of tickets one needs the services of the Ticket Drop Checker that is able to check for ticket drops in the most effective manner.
Ticket Drop Checker is known to be the company that develops different ticket spinning applications for different ticket selling websites, if you are planning to check ticket drops from than Ticketmaster bot offered by Ticket Broker Software is surely the best choice to go with, and this is because it not only allows you to check for ticket drops, but it also allows you to buy and search tickets dynamically as per your search criteria.
Core Features:
Following are some of the core features offered by Ticketmaster bot:
Monitoring different events:
Ticketmaster bot allows you to monitor multiple events in a single interval of time for Ticket drops, hence allowing you to have a complete control over multiple events.
Scheduled Searching:
You can setup a scheduled searching in your Ticketmaster bot, which means that you don’t need to be present on your computer at the ticket drop searching time, as it would start searching for the tickets automatically at your defined time.
In case of any ticket drop over the primary ticket selling website, you will be notified by your Ticketmaster bot via email notification.
Ticket searching and buying:
Besides checking for ticket drops, Ticketmaster bot also allows you to search and buy tickets dynamically in order to save your time as well as energy, and these are the things which make Ticketmaster bot a complete all rounder ticket spinner.